Australian pop singer-songwriter Sia is regarded for hits these kinds of as “Chandelier” but also for protecting her privateness, normally concealing her identity with larger-than-existence wigs.

It could arrive as a surprise, then, that the nine-time Grammy nominee engaged straight with critics of the new trailer for her approaching movie, “Music.”

The job, which she’s contacting a “cinematic practical experience,” will element dancer and regular collaborator Maddie Ziegler as Songs, a teen with autism as properly as actors Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr.

The “Elastic Heart” artist, who has dabbled in directing given that 2014, unveiled the trailer Thursday. Since then, a backlash has been brewing on Twitter all around the portrayal of Ziegler’s character, who communicates her feelings by means of a tablet in the trailer, leaning into a incapacity the actress does not have.

Sia, even so, looks annoyed by the pushback, tweeting: “Why do not you check out my movie prior to you decide it? FURY.”

“Hi Sia, can I talk to why you did not forged a disabled actor for this section?” Irish actress Bronagh Waugh (“Unforgotten”) wrote on Twitter. “It’s very offensive the way you’ve preferred to portray this character. Individuals with disabilities are not damaged and don’t need correcting.

“Many of my mates have distinct disabilities and they are some of the … coolest, most gifted, amusing, sort, smart individuals I know,” Waugh ongoing. “They are also the most beneath-represented and inaccurately represented team in our society. This form of inaccurate, offensive illustration will cause so a great deal discomfort.”

“I agree,” Sia responded in a tweet. “I’ve by no means referred to [the character Music] as disabled. Specific talents is what I have generally claimed, and casting an individual at her stage of functioning was cruel, not kind, so I created the government choice that we would do our best to lovingly signify the local community.”

The social media platform amplified the outcry as a Twitter Minute Friday as the controversy commenced to pattern in the U.S., with actors, activists, companies and enthusiasts chiming in.

Some were offended by Sia’s preference to cast Ziegler, a nondisabled actor, as an autistic character. (Sia has labored with the 18-yr-aged dancer for a range of a long time, featuring her as a muse of types in films for “Chandelier” and “Elastic Coronary heart.”)

Detractors have funneled their annoyance into the #ActuallyAutistic and #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs hashtags.

Many others, these as Twitter person @oceansofnovels, condemned the singer’s use of the firm Autism Speaks to talk to on the project. Autism Speaks costs itself as an “autism advocacy organization” but has appear less than fire for not currently being launched or led by individuals with autism, between other troubles.

While Sia did respond instantly to a amount of tweets, her response to the backlash also has been criticized.

Twitter consumer Helen Zbihlyj, a distinguished member of the gaming local community, wrote: “Several autistic actors, myself bundled, responded to these tweets. We all mentioned we could have acted in it on shorter detect. These excuses are just that – excuses. The reality of the issue is zero hard work was produced to include things like any individual who is basically autistic. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs.”

To that, Sia responded with a curt, “Maybe you’re just a undesirable actor.”

In her only basic, general public response as of Friday afternoon, Sia tweeted: “Grrrrrrrrrr. F— f— why never you check out my movie ahead of you decide it? FURY.” The motion picture is predicted to be introduced early following 12 months.

“The purpose of a film trailer is to spark curiosity in a movie,” responded actress Franchesca Ramsey (“Superstore.”) “Thus *asking* people today to choose aka determine if they want to see the total film. It’s noticeable you place a whole lot of get the job done into this project & are very talented but you skipped the mark right here.

“People are allowed to truly feel having said that they want about the function,” Ramsey ongoing. “But in particular when you consider it upon yourself to tell the story of an beneath represented & generally misrepresented community the The very least you could do is incorporate/check with them. Otherwise are you seriously advocating for them?”